The Effectiveness of Criminal Law Jurisdiction on Children in Indonesia

  • Adi Mansar Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara, Indonesia


The range of instances of violence in opposition to kids has left many query marks on how some distance the position of the kid safety regulation itself is. Law Number eleven of 2012 regarding the Juvenile Justice System withinside the Preamble letter reads "that kids are a mandate and present from God Almighty who has the respect and really well worth as an entire human being". Letter b reads “that to preserve their dignity, kids have the proper to important safety, mainly prison safety withinside the judicial system. Therefore, it's miles essential to understand the regulations of the Juvenile Criminal Justice System in Indonesia. Fulfilment of the rights of kids in battle with the regulation have to were assured when you consider that the kid became specified as a suspect till the kid started to perform punishment/guidance. Recommendations for the Criminal System in Indonesia which might be orientated toward education according with the reason of punishment (the idea of objectives) are predicted to offer training to kids in order that they're without a doubt modified and aware. The Juvenile Criminal Justice System (SPPA) desires to be reconstructed, mainly concerning the sample of presenting prison aid, financing and unique rooms for kids in each jail or detention centre in Indonesia. Child safety prison devices in crook regulation want to be updated, mainly regulation enforcement with a sorrowful technique for kids, so restorative justice desires to be grounded.


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