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Randwick International of Social Science (RISS) Journal
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RISS Journal is a journal published in January, April, July and October
The RISS Journal publishes research and analysis papers in the fields of social science include humanities such as anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, criminology, history, culture, cross-cultural studies, ethics, education, economy, geography, philosophy, psychology, sociology, social welfare political, Social Information and Technology, population studies, performing arts, visual arts, human right studies, gender and sexuality, religious studies. RISS Journal is published in both online and printed versions.

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Current Issue
Vol. 1 No.3, RISS Journal, October 2020
Published: 2020-10-23

The Effects of Rewarding System on Employee Turnover
John Kanyambo | Bogere Mohammed 402-409
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.94
Migrant Workers’ Child Care Style in Cilacap District
Urip Tri Wijayanti | Dwi Purwaningsih   410-418
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.95
Does Formalization of Informal Enterprises Matter? Evidence from Rwanda
Faustin Maniraguha 419-432
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.96
Ethnic Issues in China's Northwest Frontier Regions and Its Solutions 
Yang Liao | Li Meng 433-442
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.97
Philological Studies: Analysis of Chinese Calligraphy at the Tjong A Fie Mansion Museum
Julina | Intan Erwani | Rudiansyah
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.98
For the Sake of the Child: Quality of Spousal Relationship Impact on the Early Education of Their Child 
Mathwasa Joyce 451-463
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.99
A Confession of Female Smokers in Medan about Their Smoking Habit (Cigarette and Chewing Tobacco): A Preliminary Study 
Miskah Afriani | Yuzana Binti Mohd Yusop | Harmy Binti Muhammed Yusof
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.100
The Problems of Conception of Law Amendment with Government Regulations of Omnibus Bill on Job Creation Studied from the Theory of Legislation Perspective
Zainuddin 474-485
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.101
Constitutional Complaint as Strengthening Constitutionalism in Indonesia
Abdul Hakim Siagian
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.102
The Analysis of Inequality on Economic Growth in Indonesia
Fitrawaty 499-512
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.103
Banking Competition and Economic Growth: 2006-2015 Case of Rwanda
Faustin Maniraguha 513-522
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.104
The Urgency of Regional Regulation Bill of Serdang Bedagai Regency on Trading Business
Ramlan | Eka NAM Sihombing | Fajriawati Fajriawati 523-533
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.105
The Role of Youth in Overcoming Problems Related Sinabung Volcano Eruption
Yesi Chairani Tanjung | Erika Revida Saragih | Agus Purwoko 534-541
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v1i3.106
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