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Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science (RIELS) Journal

RIELS Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published in March, June, September and December welcomes research papers in Education; all levels, stages and processes of education (e.g. formal, informal, non-formal, early childhood, lifelong, schooling, adult education, vocational education and training, higher education), research in language teaching, and curriculum and Instruction Design. Linguistic; sociolinguistic, pragmatic, semantic, phonetic, phonology, applied linguistic, second language acquisition. Art; analyzing novel, poetry, and drama. Other related areas, it is published in both online and printed versions.

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Current Issue: Vol. 4 No. 2, RIELS Journal, June
Published: 2023-06-02

  xpdf English Language Proficiency of Science and Mathematics Teachers: A Basis for English Enhancement Program
| Hernando L. Bernal Jr. | Araceli Mligalig |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.692

  pdf| Some Strategies to Teach General English Vocabulary to Intermediate Students. A Case Study at Binh Thuan College
| Nguyen Thi Dung |

DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.693
  pdf Teaching Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers in the State University of Surabaya: Strategies and Challenges
| Heny Subandiyah | Haris Supratno | Resdianto Permata | Abdul Rosyid | Etik Minarti | Fithriyah Inda Nur Abida |

  pdf Using Local and Global Phenomena in Teaching Global Citizenship Education in English at the Elementary Level
| Rebecca Rosario Bercasio |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.665
  pd Enriching High School English Lessons with Global Citizenship Education Using Phenomenon-based Learning
| Rebecca Rosario Bercasio | Rutesa A Adornado |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.651
  pd Exploring the Experiences in Developing Character Education through E-Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
| Edy Herianto | A. Hari Witono | Muhamad Mustari | Lalu Sumardi |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.694
  Stakeholders in Assessment and Evaluation: An Analysis of Evaluation in Afghanistan and Its Effects
| Ehsanullah Pamir | Asadullah Waheedi | Khaled Ahmad Habib |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.688
  The Influence of the Arabic Language on the Dari Persian Language
| Abdul Khaliq Musaddiq |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.695
  Investigating the Impact of Dari-Persian Language in Asia of Saghir (Turkey)
| Habibdad Hbabib |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.696
  Northern Catandunganon Men and Women Speakers in Focus: Investigating Angry Registers
| Richard Sambajon Agbayani |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.681
  The Effect of the Learning Model "Problem Based Learning" on Interpersonal Intelligence and Student Pancasila and Civic Subject Learning Outcomes
| Ramadhani Lastari | Daulat Saragi | Abdul Murad |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.697
  Development of Science, Environmental, Technology, and Community Based on E-Module in Science Subject to Improve Learning Outcomes
| Marningot H Silalahi | Sahyar | Wawan Bunawan |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.698
  Development of Learning Media (LKPD) Themes of Ecosystem Based on "Salingtemas"
| Nora Rahayu | Ashar Hasairin | Daulat Sarigi |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.699
  Dependent and Independent Cognitive Style Learning Model in Mathematics Subject Outcomes
| Abdul Aziz Batubara |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.701
  The Conjugation of Pashto Compound Verbs
| Zia Ul Islam | Lakhan Minapal | Shafiqullah Amirzay |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.691
  TPACK - UDL Scale for Science Teachers: Construction, Validation and Reliability
| Jamil Suprihatiningrum |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.648
  The Development of a Box Rebounder Tool as a Media for Training Basic Passing and Controlling Technique in Football
| Dani Alfa Sumitra | Abdul Hakim Siregar | Sanusi Hasibuan | Indra Kasih |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.711
  The Development of Volleybakk Teachiing Media Based on Android Applications for Students of Physical Education, Health and Recreation Departement in State University of Medan
| Amelia Yuniar Putri | Indra Kasih | Albadi Sinulingga | Sanusi Hasibuan |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.712
  The Effect of RAFT Strategy Assisted by Graphic Images on the Students Achievement in Writing
| Muhammad Ikhsan Ahmadi Tanjung |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.713
  The Effect of Work Ethics on the Teacher's Performance of State Madrasah Ibtidaiyah in Medan City
| Rizki Utami Batubara | Darwin | Yuniarto Mudjisusatyo |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.714
  The Influence of Learning Models and Learning Styles on Students' Science Literacy in Primary School
| Abdul Azis Nasution | Retno Dwi Suyanti | Wildansyah Lubis |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.715
  Development of Pop-up Book Learning Media to Improve Student Language Skills
| Nadia Bismi Hafifah | Wisman Hadi | Mara Untung Ritonga |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.716
  Development of Pop-up Book Media Based on Scientific Literacy for Class V SD Muhammadiyah 1 Kisaran
| Antin Faridha | Ashar Hasairin | Wildansyah Lubis |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.717
  Development of Interactive Multimedia Based on Explanation Text Materials Using Adobe Animate
| May Syarah | Mara Untung Ritonga | Syarifah |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.718
  Interactive Multimedia Development Based on STEM in Improving Science Learning Outcomes
| Liza Ayu Khairani | Ely Djulia | Wawan Bunawan |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.719
  Validity of Traditional Guidebooks for Character Education in Children Aged 4-6 Years
| Corry Restuina | Anita Yus | Daulat Saragi |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.720
  Pedagogical Approaches and Challenges among Teachers in the Implementation of the K-12 Curriculum in the Division of Maguindanao I
| Alton D. Ampang |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.722
  Movement and Stillness in one of Khaghani and Nezami’s Ode (Qasida)
| Habibullah Kashefi |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.723
  Polemic Discourse on the Zoning Education System Policy by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Bondowoso Indonesia
| Widya Oryzani |
DOI: 10.47175/rielsj.v4i2.724
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