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Randwick International of Social Science (RISS) Journal
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RISS Journal is a journal published in January, April, July and October
The RISS Journal publishes research and analysis papers in the fields of social science include humanities such as anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, law, criminology, history, culture, cross-cultural studies, ethics, education, economy, geography, philosophy, psychology, sociology, social welfare political, Social Information and Technology, population studies, performing arts, visual arts, human right studies, gender and sexuality, religious studies. RISS Journal is published in both online and printed versions.

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Current Issue
Vol. 4 No. 2, RISS Journal, April 2023
Published: 2023-01-31

Narratives of Slow Violence Fear by Greek-speaking Pregnant Women during the COVID-19 Period
Vasiliki Saini |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.662
The Poet as a Cultural Ambassador and Social Critic
Idowu James Adekunle |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.663

The Existence of Customary Land and its Utilization Pattern for Tourism Business
Ni Made Ruastiti | Ni Putu Ayu Aneska Rastini | Ni Luh Sustiawati |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.644

The Musicality of Gamelan Gong Kebyar Mepacek as a North Bali Traditional Music Identity
Frischa Valentina | Lita Sri Andayani | Rahayu Lubis |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.653

Identifying the Effective Factors and the Importance of the Harirud Watershed in Afghanistan and its Impact on Iran
Fayaz Gul Mazloum Yar | Mullajan Rahmani | Ebadullah Amir |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.668

Minstrelsy, Apprenticeship, Origin and Features of Biripo, the Ilaje Folk-Poetry
Stephen Ola Ajimisan |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.669

The Indonesian Government's Efforts to Protect Indonesian Migrant Workers Threatened with the Death Penalty Abroad
Surya Perdana |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.612

"Criminal" Law Politics Regarding the Legalization of Citizenship Documents (Apostille) in Indonesia
Adi Mansar | Ferry Susanto Limbong |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.670

Dispute Settlement in Sharia Banking in Indonesia
Syaifuddin |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.671

Relationship between Religiosity and Anger Control with Marital Satisfaction
Maryam Bakhtiarvand | Hassan Nokarizi | Morteza Bakhtiarvand |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.661

Factors Related to the Participation of Mothers’ Toddlers in the Stunting Prevention Program at Sicanang Health Center Medan City
Sri Hajjah Purba | Ida Yustina | Etti Sudaryati |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.672

Review of Fiqh Siyasah on the Implementation of Mayor's Regulation No. 12 Year 2011 Concerning Retribution of Licenses at the Selling of Alcoholic Beverages in Medan City
Muhammad Rizal | Deasy Yunita Siregar |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.673

OBE-Based Education Crisis Communication Strategy After the Covid-19 Pandemic
Faustyna |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.674

Support and Advice for the Participation of Non-working Mothers at PTM Posbindu in Medan City 
Akporherhe Friday | Udi Peter Oghenerioborue |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.675

Development of Interactive Media Based on Adobe Animate Creative Cloud to Improve Student Learning Outcomes
Putri Roka Ismail | Hidayat | Yusnadi |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.676

The Effect of Strengthening (Reinforcement) and Confidence on the Skills of Passing Techniques in Volleyball Games at SMA Negeri 6 Padangsidimpuan City
Asman Rafsanjani Daulay | Sanusi Hasibuan | Ibrahim | Indra Kasih |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.677

Inquiry, Expository and Motivation Learning Strategies on Pancasila and Civic Education Subjects Outcomes
Lely Verawati Br. Marbun | Deny Setiawan | Yakobus Ndona |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.678

Community Participation Factors in Implementing Dengue Fever Symptoms Prevention Program
Rosari Inriani S. | Juanita | Lita Sri Andayani |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.679

Factors Influencing the Health Service Center Application for Hypertension Patients in Humbang Hasundutan Regency
Rifka Banjarnahor | Lita Sri Andayani | Destanul Aulia |
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v4i2.680

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