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Randwick International of Social Science (RISS) Journal
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RISS Journal is a journal published in January, April, July and October
The RISS Journal publishes research and analysis papers in the fields of social science include humanities such as anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, criminology, history, culture, cross-cultural studies, ethics, education, economy, geography, philosophy, psychology, sociology, social welfare political, Social Information and Technology, population studies, performing arts, visual arts, human right studies, gender and sexuality, religious studies. RISS Journal is published in both online and printed versions.

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Current Issue

Vol. 2 No.2, RISS Journal, April 2021
Published: 2021-04-30

The Socio-cultural and Political Role of Women in the Teke Kingdom XIXth - XXth Centuries  
Oba Dominique 1-9
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.210
A Study of the Socioeconomic Impact of Mobile Phones on SMEs in the Waterloo Community, the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone  
Hassan Elsan Mansaray 10-21
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.211
Economic Social Factor of Farmer and the Affect to Paddy Field Farming Productivity in Sungai Penuh City-Indonesian
Saidin Nainggolan | Yanuar Fitri | Nur Fitri Ani
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.212
Government’s Role in Advancing Innovation
Yaron Katz
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.213
Right to Own Land by the State in the Frame of Constitutional Law
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.214
Aspects Related to the Influence of Christianity on the Society  
Mihai Handaric
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.215
Texts Classification and Sustainability: A Case of Facebook Sub Genres
Primrose Hlatshwayo | Lettiah Gumbo
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.216
Corona Wedi Buto: Myth in the Efforts of the Tanggulwelahan Villager Facing Covid-19
Ifan Andriado, Hamida Zama Rahmatillah, Anis Khoirun Nisa, Joan Hesti Gita Purwasih
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.217
Stunting and Poverty Management Strategies in the Palembang City, Indonesia      
Bachtari Alam Hidayat | Putri Erlyn 
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.218
Experience in Poverty Reduction in the World and Lesson for Vietnam  
Dang Huu Dung
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.219
Nurses’ Knowledge Regarding Contraceptive Methods at Dinajpur Medical College Hospital 
Most Morsheda Parvin | M F K Al Mannah | Esrat Jahan Sath
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.220
Legal Protection to Limited Company that Does not Do Adjustments to Business Licensing and Online Single Submission after the Issue of Government Regulation Number 24 of 2018  
Muthia Susan Fadillah Bulolo | Ramlan
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.221
History of Dezful City
Samira Bashiri
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.222
The Effectiveness of Mindfulness Training on Self-regulation and Perceived Academic Control of Girl Students 
Fatemeh Darabi
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.223
The Rights of Controlling State in Indonesia Against Land Tenure of Customary Law Community
Alpi Sahari
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.224
Optimization of the Backpropagation Method with Nguyen-widrow in Face Image Classification
Ichsanuddin Hakim | Syahril Efendi | Pahala Sirait
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.226
The Impact of Augmented Reality on the Social Skills of Children with High Functioning Autism
Morteza Bakhtiarvand 
Mamdani and Sugeno Fuzzy Performance Analysis on Rainfall Prediction
Yuan Ardi | Syahril Effendi | Erna Budhiarti Nababan
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.240
Performance Analysis of Subtractive Clustering Algorithm in Determining the Number and Position of Cluster Centers
Irwandi | Opim Salim Sitompul | Rahmat Widia Sembiring
Full text | 10.47175/rissj.v2i2.241
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